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Zip code ornament - 4" wooden hoop customized

Zip code ornament - 4" wooden hoop customized

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Discover the charm of our Custom Zip Code Embroidered Round Ornament, a delightful addition to your holiday decor. Measuring 4 inches in diameter and delicately framed within a wooden hoop, this unique ornament brings a personalized touch to your festive setting. The focal point is your chosen zip code, intricately stitched and complemented by a tasteful silver scroll border.

Tailor your ornament with the zip code that holds special meaning for you. The silver scroll border adds sophistication, making this ornament a stylish and meaningful addition to your seasonal decorations.

The 4-inch wooden hoop provides structure and rustic charm to your ornament. Hang it on your holiday tree, grace your mantle, or find a special spot to display this versatile piece that captures the essence of your chosen zip code.

More than a decoration, this Custom Zip Code Embroidered Round Ornament is a heartfelt keepsake. Whether for your own decor or as a thoughtful gift, it symbolizes the importance of home and the unique memories associated with your specific zip code.

Celebrate the spirit of home with our Custom Zip Code Embroidered Round Ornament—a distinctive and stylish way to infuse your festive celebrations and year-round decor with a personal touch.

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